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At MediOpus, we offer a very different service than you will find elsewhere. We are driven by our values, always aiming to deliver an enduring impact for each of our clients and on building lifelong relationships with everyone we work with and represent. We are keenly aware of the challenges faced nationally by our healthcare services and believe it is our duty to do what we can to help support you.

We understand the difficulties that an organisation can face when it feels as though you will never find the right person for you – we have been in that position ourselves, developing workforce strategies and have direct experience supporting employees from overseas as they acclimatise to a new environment.

We pride ourselves on finding the very best applicants for your organisation, for whom our support starts from the moment they reach out to us, through our placement process and post-arrival. As part of this, we offer them a unique networking environment that allows them to connect with peers worldwide. We have our team on the ground throughout the EU searching for the very best doctors and nurses who are ready for the next stage of their professional journey.

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As part of the application process we make sure that every applicants is fully vetted and cleared prior to them being introduced to any client. Our recruitment process complies fully with the NHS safeguarding and employment check standards and all other statutory requirements, as well as best practice guidelines. We also take our responsibilities when recruiting overseas very seriously and are fully compliant with the Code of Practice for the international recruitment of healthcare professionals.

As an overview, our application process involves the following stages:

As an overview, our application process involves the following stages:

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